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olsat® pattern matrices

In the Olsat Pattern Matrices Questions Students are provided with a 3X3 matrix with the image missing in one cell. They have to understand how the pictures change in each row and in each column and find the missing image that has the same type of correlation with the two shapes in the lower line and with the two shapes in the right column.


olsat pattern matrices

In each column, there are three different types of circles in different colors (white, light grey and dark grey). The last column is missing a dark grey circle. We can exclude answers A and D. In each row, there are three different types of circles in the same color. The lower row is missing the full dark grey circle. The correct answer is C.

Tips for Solving Pattern Matrices Questions

  • Make sure your child understands the concept of a matrix.

  • It is critical he understands that he needs to search for patterns, both across rows and along columns, and determine which answer choice is the missing picture in the lower right corner of the matrix.

  • Teach your child to proceed gradually, looking for common patterns inthe rows and the columns.

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