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olsat® aural reasoning

The child should be able to listen to a brief description and remember relevant details. Alternatively, he should be able to recall a logical order of events, such as remembering whether a man went to church before or after getting to the grocery store. These questions are intended to test the child's ability to remember specific details of the question read aloud, by correlating figures and objects to each other, according to their specific functions.


Mary and Anne pick flowers in the garden. Mary picks 2 flowers with 6 petals, Anne picks 2 flowers with 4 petals, and one flower with 6 petals. Which flowers does Anne pick?

olsat aural reasoning

The only image that includes 2 flowers with four petals is the one identified by the letter B, which represents the correct answer.

Tips for Solving Following Directions Questions

  • Practice listening to short sentences and repeating them.

  • Gradually increase the complexity of each sentence.

  • Try to mentally visualize the sentence elements.

  • Immediately exclude answers that contain elements that aren't in the sentence read aloud.

  • Train yourself to stay focused on whatever task you do throughout the day.

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