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cogat verbal analogies

Nicole Howard

Verbal Analogies Questions are a part of the Cogat Test's Verbal Battery.

A verbal analogy traces a similarity between a pair of words and another pair of words.


 A accidental B new C wanted D known E old

  •     First, identify the relationship between the first pair of words.

  • How do the words “aloof” and “connected” go together?

 The opposite of aloof is connected.

  • Now, look at the word “deliberate”.

  • Which of the possible choices follows the previous rule?

The opposite of “deliberate” is “accidental”, so the correct answer is A.

 To answer this type of questions correctly:

- Try to identify the correlation between the first two words.

- Review all answers before you make a choice.

- Remove any word in the answers that don’t have a comparable kind of relationship.

- Also, evaluate the possible alternative meanings of the words.

Pairs of words in verbal analogies can be related in many ways:

Related Things: example: bread/butter, fork/knife

Opposites: example: wide/narrow,, laugh/cry, dark/light

Classification: example: yellow/color, dog/mammal

Object and Group: example: bird/flock, cow/herd

Object and related Object: example: butterfly/caterpillar, dog/puppy

Characteristic: example: sun/yellow, desert/dry

Location: example: car/garage, lion/zoo

Part of the Whole: example: mouth/face, year/month

Function: example: knife/cut, shovel/dig

Performer and Action: example: fish/swim, bird/fly

Verb Tenses: example: win/won, buy/bought

Cause and Effect: example: water/wet, fire/burn

Solution example: hungry/eat, tired/sleep

Tips for parents

  • Use concrete objects. Have your child tell how they are similar and different.

  • Draw pairs of objects having analogies and discuss with your child about the characteristics of these objects and how they can be related to each other.

  • Stimulate your child to create and draw pictures of their own analogies on a piece of paper. This will be a fun and surprising activity.

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