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cogat figure classification

Nicole Howard

cogat figure classification
Figure Classification Questions are a part of the Cogat Test's Non Verbal Battery.

In the Figure Classification Questions, students are required to analyze three similar figures and apply the next appropriate figure to complete the sequence.



cogat figure classification

Look at the three pictures on the top. What do these three figures have in common?

You can see trhee different figures. All the figures are pointing down.

Now, look at the shapes in the row of the answer choices. Which image matches best the three shapes in the top row?

The image of the answer choice must show a figure pointing down. The right answer is “C”.

 To answer this type of questions correctly:

  • Be sure to review all answer choices before selecting one.

  • Try to use logic and sequential reasoning.

  • Try to exclude the obviously wrong options to reduce the answer choices.

  • The more you practice, the more you develop your brain flexibility.

Tips for parents

  • Have your child play with real objects of various shapes, sizes and colors; try to reason with him about the similarities and differences these objects.

  • Get your child used to seeing the same object rotated in different ways.

  • Get your child used to relate two objects in many different ways (one inside the other, one to the right of the other, one to the left of the other, etc...).

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