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cogat test sentence completion

Nicole Howard

Sentence Completion is a part of the Cogat Test's Verbal Battery.

In the "Sentence Completion" section of the cogAT Test, students are required to select the words that accurately complete the sentences. This tests their knowledge of vocabulary.

For Levels 5/6, 7 and 8, the teacher reads a sentence aloud, with a missing word, and then students select a picture that best completes the sentence.

From Levels 9 and up, students are given a phrase with a missing word and students must select the word that completes the sentence.


The planets ____ around invisible axes through their centres.

A rotate B hide C jump D create E stop

  • First, read the sentence. You will realize that one word is missing.

  • Look at the answer choices under the main sentence. Which word would go better in the phrase?

Rotate = move in a circular motion. Therefore, the right choice is A

To answer this type of question correctly, you need to understand the sentence's meaning as a whole. At this point, you can read the answers and, if you have doubts, you can proceed by exclusion, eliminating the choice that fails to give a proper meaning to the sentence..

  • First, read the incomplete phrase.

  • Think about what type of word you can use and try to anticipate the answer.

  • Remove every word in the answers that don’t have any kind of relationship with the main sentence.

  • Read the incomplete sentence again.

Tips for parents

  • Reading with your child gives you the opportunity to stimulate several skills. These include language comprehension.

  • Other practical tips for language development include naming and describing the child's surroundings, expanding the child's vocabulary and promoting language comprehension.

  • During playtime, it is equally important to follow the child's interest by commenting, verbalizing actions and emphasizing new words.

  • An easy way to introduce new words is to replace commonly used terms with more specific ones or with synonyms.

  • It is important to propose words from all classes: nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Sometimes, you can also explain the new words through a brief definition. In this way, you help children develop metalinguistic competence, the ability to reflect on language and not just use it. Again, it is useful to give examples and make comparisons between words.

  • Use stories with pictures, of increasing complexity, depending on the age of the child, in which the little one initially just listens, and later is gradually involved in completing sentences with missing words. This stimulates both, memory and auditory attention.

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