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cogat figure matrices

Nicole Howard

cogat figure matrices
Figure Matrices Questions are a part of the Cogat Test's Non Verbal Battery.

Students are introduced to basic matrices (2x2 grids) to solve for the missing shapes within them. Three of the four squares will already be filled out, and they must choose which image fills the last square from the options provided.


cogat figure matrices

In the upper left box, the image shows 2 white circles; the smaller circle is located to the right, above the larger circle. In the upper right box, the image shows the same circles, but now the smaller circle is in the center of the larger circle.

In the lower left box, the image shows 2 white squares; the smaller square is located to the right, above the larger square.

Which answer choice would go with this image in the same way as the upper images go together?

The image of the answer choice must show two squares, but the smaller one must be in the center of the largest one.

The right answer is “C”.

 To answer this type of questions correctly:

  • Try to use logic and sequential reasoning.

  • Eliminate the logically wrong answers to restrict the options.

  • Train yourself to decipher the relationship between different figures and shapes.

  • Consider all the answer choices before selecting one.

Tips for parents

  • Have your child play with concrete objects of various shapes and sizes; try to reason with him about the similarities and differences between them.

  • Get your child used to seeing the same object rotated in different ways.

  • Get your child used to relate two objects in many different ways (one inside the other, one to the right of the other, one to the left of the other, etc...).

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